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Our Clients    
Our clients include some of the world’s most demanding corporations, funds and entrepreneurs. We are proud of them and proud of the results that we have delivered. Here are some of the clients we are currently working with …

BP (London, Global) – Quickminds provide leadership training and facilitation of workshops in the areas of effective teamwork, improving personal performance, leadership transistions, effective planning and HSE coaching tools. Since 2012 we have delivered over 120 different BP training programs.

ESPN (London) – Quickminds has delivered a number of different workshops for ESPN since 2012. The participants have been key UK sales, marketing and sportscasting personnel. The primary focus of the workshops has been to improve impact and influence in both internal and external communications.

Penguin Random House  (London) – Quickminds has worked with Random House since 2012 to deliver executive coaching and workshops on the topics of improved impact, influence and negotiation.


Evotec (Oxford) –  Evotec is a public-listed pharmaceutical research company located outside London. Quickminds have delivered multiple workshops and executive coaching programs for them since 2013. The focus has been on empowering key leaders and sales personnel.


Europe Unlimited / Techtour  (Brussels) – Since 2012 Quickminds has collaborated with Europe Unlimited in order to provide training and investor readiness programs for early-stage technology entrepreneurs. The programs are called Fast-Track Funding and have been delivered to customers including the Regional government in Flanders, Belgium and the
Ministry of Innovation, Technology & Science in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, the European Space Agency incubator network and numerous others.

Verdane Capital (Oslo, Stockholm) – Quickminds has worked with Verdane Capital to provide executive coaching and assistance to the core sales and management teams who are working to raise capital for Verdane’s next round of funds.

FSN Capital (Oslo) - Quickminds has worked extensively with FSN since 2017, providing executive coaching and development programs for key leaders and sales teams.

Innovation Norway (Oslo) - Since 2018 Quickminds has created and delivered numerous pitch-training workshops and coaching programs. The focus has primarily been to prepare companies to pitch and present themselves when expanding to international markets.

Business Finland (Helsinki) - In 2017 Quickminds delivered the first of many Investor Readiness programs for early-stage entrepreneur. Additionally, in 2021 Quickminds has designed and trained Greentech Finnish companies for virtual pitching and networking programs. 

European Space Agency (UK, Netherlands, Germany) - Since 2012 Quickminds has delivered Investor Readiness training for over 400 early stage companies who are part of the ESA BIC incubator network. Workshops have been delivered in the UK, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, France and Portugal. Since 2018 Quickminds has also delivered a number of internal Team communication workshops for ESA employees.

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