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9 out of 10 European technology startups fail within the first 3 years. Whether working to increase sales or finding the right investors, we can swing the odds in your favour. We have helped over 500 tech startup companies since 2009.


Many startup technology companies struggle…

They struggle to obtain resources
They struggle to raise capital
They struggle to make rapid sales
They struggle to attract great people
Many startups fail, not because their business models and concepts are poor, but simply because they fail to get help.


QuickMinds can help you to get funding and to accelerate your business development. We have over 20 years of experience as successful entrepreneurs. We have built startup businesses and we have accelerated growth companies. We have helped to raise over $2.5 billion in capital in the last 10 years and we can help your company.


  • Opportunity Assessment Matrix – planning which investors to target & how to do so effectively

  • Compelling Reasons to Invest – Sharpening your Messaging

  • Building a persuasive investment story – Power presentations

  • Handing tough questions  (plus Investor interviews)

  • Presenting with impact – filmed, rehearsed & reviewed with ‘live’ investors

  • Improving team dynamics in meetings – plus how to work an audience

  • Negotiating with Investors

  • How to follow-up investor meetings effectively (building ‘interest’)

  • How to stage a fundraising roadshow

  • How to stage an ‘investor event’

  • Access to Investment Marketing/Relations services (with partner)

  • Access to Investment PR services (with partner)

  • High Performance ‘Team’ workshops & team coaching – consists of focus, execute, improve

  • Improving ‘Personal’ Performance – presenting, selling, leading, negotiating and handling conflict

  • Strategic corporate focus

  • Smart Board of Director ‘mentoring’

  • High Performance ‘Team’ programme

  • Improving Performance ‘Personal’ programme

  • Introductions to Investors / Matchmaking (with Europe Unlimited)

  • Business Model Crash Testing

  • Startup Executive Coaching


The first step is to meet with us. We would like to know more about your business and to understand where the greatest challenges lie. Please contact us to setup a meeting today.

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