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Tapping into Collective Intelligence

Your Team's Big challenge for 2024

This is a year-end wake-up call.  I'm convinced that 2024 will be one of the most challenging years ever. For all of us. Why? Because our planet is in rapid and accelerating expansion. Not only is the political world changing quickly, but knowledge and science are moving forward so fast that none of us are truly able to keep pace. And the real effects of AI will appear full-scale in 2024 and it will fundamentally change so many things that it’s impossible to comprehend. If this feels like "doomscrolling" then read-on. I'm an optimist. There will be opportunities and threats.

But how will AI and science affect us?  Take one example; I recently spoke with an executive from a large financial trading company. Within his department of over 100 persons, they have decided that 40% will be made redundant in the first half of 2024. Another 10-15% by the end of next year. They just don’t need all these people anymore. AI-enabled tools have already become better than humans at checking things like accounting and regulatory compliance. And this is just one such corporation. Entire industries will be affected, changing the lives of highly educated and qualified white-collar workers on a global scale we've never seen before. Remember that ChatGPT is only 1-year old. 2024 will be the year when will see the first big impacts in business. 

In short, the world is changing fast. Really fast. But what can we do? How can we keep our businesses safe? Believe it or not, I'm incredibly optimistic about our future! But there are some things we need to change: 

First, we humans must change our way of viewing the world. We have to understand that we are all deeply connected to every other life-form on this planet. Earth itself is a single and unique life-form that is precious and must be protected by all of us. This is an important mindset. Thinking collective, instead of only as individuals, is a good start.

Second, we must learn new ways of working together in teams. We should learn from nature and work more like animals in packs or hives. Harnessing our collective intelligence will be the next paradigm. If humans are to carve out a real purpose in an AI-driven world, then it will be in our ability to tap into our collective human intelligence and creativity in completely new and powerful ways. History has shown that collectively, we humans can be brilliant, but only when we put aside the "just looking out for me" attitudes. 

If we don’t wake up to this quickly, then we are screwed. 

So, for 2024 I’m going to chart out a new direction for my business. We will focus even more on what it takes for high-performance teams to succeed. We will work to unlock teams so they can be more dynamic, productive, and inspiring to work in. We will explore how to tap into the vast collective intelligence and creativity of teams, empowering them to navigate rapid change and to seek out new opportunities for growth and expansion. We will start by working towards Building Trust through greater connection, communication, collaboration, and co-creation in our workshops, coaching and team processes. 

Yes, 2024 will be a challenging year, but it will also be filled with massive opportunities for those teams that are awake, engaged, inspired, and hunting as a pack. 

Good luck to us all.     -  Rick

- Rick Salmon - Quickminds AS, Oslo, Norway

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