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A Pitch is Not What you Think

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Most entrepreneurs think that pitching is something you do in an elevator or to win a competition. While these are indeed 2 types of pitches, there is a lot more to this. Pitching is how you first get people interested in your product, service or new idea. Think of Pitching as a movie trailer before a full-feature film. Think of it as the intro or executive summary, only with a splash of passion and fun. A pitch is the start and the point at which you begin to infect the audience with your enthusiasm and passion.

Coming up with a good idea is one thing – but convincing others to back you is another. And we often make it hard for ourselves by not giving our ideas what they need to be bought by others. This is where the PITCH comes in. Entrepreneurs must be able to successfully pitch to investors. Business executives must be able to successfully pitch ideas and products to customers, to management and to their own teams.  If you want to learn how to give your ideas their best shot at succeeding then learn how to pitch. Learn how to take a long presentation and condense it down into 60-90 seconds of juicy and compelling content.

  1. A pitch must be brief. Listeners have a short attention span. Either you connect with them or you don’t.

  2. A pitch must be clear. Only 1 idea, not 4. Clarity is a rare skill in today’s verbose world.

  3. A pitch must be interesting. Do I even need to write this? How many people are boring, yet expect praise and applause?

  4. A pitch must have an objective. What is the Call To Action you want your audience to do? Have you stated this?

Join me in an online web class where you will learn how to give your ideas their best shot at succeeding. Learn to pitch like a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur! Learn The Art (and Science) of Pitching.

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