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Naked on Stage

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Last week I did a talk in front of 600 people. I was naked. No colorful Powerpoints, no music, no flashy videos to hide behind. Just me. Just my naked voice.

Here is what someone tweeted just after my talk:

You know you’re a confident speaker when you go on stage after 4 fancy presentations & only bring a flipboard, voice & body language – @NorwayDiana

When you stop hiding behind your Powerpoint (Powerless & Pointless?) slides, your audience gets to experience you. Your stories come alive. Your message comes from the heart, not just the head. This is connection. This is authenticity. This is the difference between a mediocre talk and a great one.

Audiences want to be moved. They want new ideas and stories. They want an emotional connection – even if it is to a technical and otherwise boring topic… they still want an emotional connection to a speaker. Become that speaker.

Your voice exposes you. If you are nervous, audiences will hear it. If you are passionate, they will hear that too. Loud and clear. Would you like to learn how your voice can give you more Impact and Influence when you speak?

If you would like to watch the entire speech (entitled: The Voice of Influence), then click here:

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